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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mathmatiz Ver 3.0.0 Updated - Here comes plotting!

Major improvement:

You can plot now! Use command like plot (x, y) to plot your graph!

Here's an example:
Say, if you want to plot y=x^2:
First, give a range and step for your x value:
x = -2:0.1:2; (This command line means you want x to be from -2 to 2, with step 0.1, and don't forget the semicolon ';' at the end)
Then, assign y:
y = x.^2; (IMPORTANT: you have to use "." before operators to avoid illegal matrix operation, thus if you want y = x^2, use command y = x.^2; if you want y = x/2, use command y = x./2)
Finally, plot:
plot (x, y) 
then hit enter.

You can also watch the demo video here to learn the new plotting feature:


  1. Wow! it's a grat improvement. I have a question: It's possible to use comparation opperators (such as >, <, >=, <=, etc) iniside scripts/programs? how I can acces to this opperators from Mathmatiz Keyboard?

  2. The mathmatiz can do that. But they are not fully tested yet. I will add these operators on the future updates.
    If there are any features you want to add in Mathmatiz, please let me know. The users feedback are the major force to push me to upgrade this application.


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