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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mathmatiz Ver 3.0.0 Updated - Here comes plotting!

Major improvement:

You can plot now! Use command like plot (x, y) to plot your graph!

Here's an example:
Say, if you want to plot y=x^2:
First, give a range and step for your x value:
x = -2:0.1:2; (This command line means you want x to be from -2 to 2, with step 0.1, and don't forget the semicolon ';' at the end)
Then, assign y:
y = x.^2; (IMPORTANT: you have to use "." before operators to avoid illegal matrix operation, thus if you want y = x^2, use command y = x.^2; if you want y = x/2, use command y = x./2)
Finally, plot:
plot (x, y) 
then hit enter.

You can also watch the demo video here to learn the new plotting feature:

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